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Loving my classes at Annie Grindlay Studios!

In 2019, after studying at The Second City Hollywood (RIP) but years since I was in a ‘proper’ acting class (scene study/cold reading/auditioning), I began taking an On-Camera Audition Class with the magnificent Carla Rosati. 

Then I lost my job. That’s another story for another… single-camera comedy pilot.

Then the world shut down. We all know that story, and it’s not funny.

When things started up again, more and more Zooms were happening, particularly auditions, both commercially and theatrically. 

I got a commercial agent! I brushed up on my commercial skills (hello improv!), then realized it was high time to get back to an acting class… and figure out what I was doing with my career. I remembered how much I’d loved Carla’s teaching (and Annie’s, in the FREE introductory class!), so I looked to see what was now being offered, and lo and behold, an On-Camera class, now on Zoom, AND included the business side of acting! SIGN ME UP.

I’ve been in Jo-Ann Pantoja’s Audition and Business Mindset class since last summer. 

Slow and steady, honing my talent. And LOVING IT.

If you’re looking for an on-camera audition class, I cannot recommend Annie Grindlay Studios enough! I can now confidently say every teacher is fantastic.

Elizabeth Kuyper


“You’re very funny.” – Prunella Scales (Sybil Fawlty, Fawlty Towers)