Elizabeth Kuyper

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.


Hey Welcome! I’m a rare bird in many ways… one of which is I’m a Native Southern Californian (thanks Mom & Dad).

I grew up in the dregs of Laguna Beach, suffering through gorgeous summers on its unique beaches, and traveling from a young age with my family.

I am incredibly grateful to be the child of such broadminded and generous parents, who included my brother and me in their world travels (except for Hawaii that one time, but I’m not bitter), as well as attending symphony, opera, and theater events in Los Angeles and around the world.

Starting out as an Art History major, I eventually earned my degree in Theatre Arts at UC Irvine before heading up to Hollywood and waiting for the phone to ring… and then began performing stand-up comedy.

After establishing myself on the stand-up comedy circuit in the Los Angeles area, I wrote and produced a double-act show with Amy K. Murray, Kuyper & Me (her idea), which had three successful runs in Hollywood.

In 2004, I decided to escape those long, oppressive days frolicking in the Pacific Ocean, to seek the sunny shores of London, where I continued to pursue acting and stand-up and was a semi-finalist in two national comedy competitions, the Funny Women Awards and So You Think You’re Funny, and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! I also performed in the annual American Playwright’s Festival in London’s West End two years in a row.

Missing family, sunshine, and Disneyland, I decided to return home to California in late 2007 and…keep going!


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Elizabeth Kuyper
“The best piece is Kuyper’s white-faced, moon-walking mime who enacts a litany  of Michael Jackson’s woeful predicaments, all to the beat of ‘Billie Jean.’”
(Kuyper & Me)