Elizabeth Kuyper

The Vessel

Elizabeth Kuyper

As I embark on building a new habit of writing every day, I Googled ‘Writing Prompts’ and here’s what came up: “The Vessel: Write about a ship or other vehicle that can take you somewhere different from where you are now.” First thing that pops into my head – I know I’ve told this story verbally […]

Traveling to distant lands, distant worlds..?

Travel is BACK, Baby! Yes, I am late to the game? Again? Like returning to the movies? Welp, better late than never, right? And maybe they won’t lose my luggage or make me miss my connecting flight… I still have hope…

Scene Stealers

In the midst and mayhem of Self-Tape May (An actor’s challenge to complete 16 self-tapes, which is what most auditions consist  of these days), in addition to self-taping real auditions we may get (yay!), many of us over-thinkers grab onto scenes from our favorite films (as the goal is JUST to complete 16 tapes, not win an Oscar […]

Remember the Movies?

I miss the movies. Yes, I know they’re out there, and perhaps you have ventured out to see a few. I’m still … waiting? Playing it safe? What IS that really anymore? Have I become paranoid now?