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Scene Stealers

In the midst and mayhem of Self-Tape May (An actor’s challenge to complete 16 self-tapes, which is what most auditions consist  of these days), in addition to self-taping real auditions we may get (yay!), many of us over-thinkers grab onto scenes from our favorite films (as the goal is JUST to complete 16 tapes, not win an Oscar or a lead role, but hey…this is what dreams are made of, right? RIGHT?!), which involves WAY more dialogue than necessary… a simple line can have a HUGE effect. Or a short scene, which is how I thought of this hilarious scene-stealing gal in a very intense (and brilliant) film, Hell or High Water… her character’s name? ‘T-Bone Waitress’…


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“[Elizabeth Kuyper & Amy Murray] are a modern day Burnett & Lawrence!”